Billing Cycle and Payouts

ReadyShip is not charging the creators so selling on ReadyShip is completely free. After the hosting fee is deducted from the amount paid by the customer, the rest (the price you set on top of our hosting fee) is transferred to the creator’s account.

The total payment consists of the hosting fee plus your pricing.

Linking to a Payment Processor

Inorder to receive payouts from your website sales, you must link your account to a payment processor. ReadyShip currently uses the following payment processors:

Before you can start selling your websites, you must link your account to one of the above-mentioned payment processors.
Be aware that these payment processors are not available in all countries.
Please check in advance which payment processor can be used in your country.

PayPal Payoneer
Payout Schedule Within 21 days after the customer’s payment Within 21 days after the customer’s payment
Transaction fee 4.4% 5%

Using Payoneer as a Payout Method
In order for us to be able to send your revenue to your Payoneer account, you will have to send us a payment request. So whenever we receive a payment from your customers, we will inform you about the details (like amount) via email so you can submit a payment request to our Payoneer account.

Billing Cycle for Customers

Customers can select monthly (every month) or annual (once every 12 months) billing cycle. Currently, we only accept payments by credit/debit cards. For this purpose we are using Stripe as a payment processor. Customers will be automatically charged from the second payment onward. Payment in advance is required for any period of use, and no refunds will be given for cancellations. However, all of our plans include a 30 days free trial period. The first payment will be done automatically after the trial period ends.

Example 1: For monthly payment period. If the first payment is made on 10th of January, the customer will be automatically charged on every 10th of every next month.

Example 2: For annual payment period. If the first payment is made on 10th of January, the customer will be automatically charged on 10th of January every next year.

In case of Billing Failure

In case of billing failure (for example insufficient funds, expired card, wrong card info), we will reattempt to charge the customer once every seven days for three times.

If each billing attempt fails, the customer is informed via email.

If the customer ends up not making the payment, their website instance will be temporarily suspended and therefore unavailable. If the customer doesn’t contact us the website will be deleted after 90 days of suspension.

Payout Schedule

The creator’s payout will be processed right after the customer makes a payment. Whether the customer pays monthly or annual subscription fee, you will be paid the entire amount owed to you from that payment.

The money will be transferred to your payout account. After that you can withdraw your money to your bank account.

PayPal transfer processing might take up to 21 days.

Payment Fees and Payout Amount

Your payout will be transferred to your payout account after Stripe transaction fee (3.6%), server fee and your payout service transaction fee are deducted from the selling price.

Calculating your profit
Sample Pricing (Priced at $100/month.)

Checking Your Sales and Payout History

You can check your sales history on the Dasboard in your account. It contains the following information: