Publish on Marketplace

Account Settings

You need to set up your thumbnail image and username for selling your products on the marketplace.
Please fill the required fields in your account settings and save the changes.

This procedure will display your profile on the marketplace.

Note: If you don’t have any active products your profile can’t be displayed on the marketplace.

Product Settings

Please set up your thumbnail image, tags, plugin names, theme name and put product description on the product settings page after you have finished developing it.

Wait for approval before making it public

After you submit your product for publishing on the marketplace, it will undergo a review procedure by our team. We will check if there are any licenses or copyrights problems with your plugins, theme and content. If there aren’t any problems, your product will be successfully published on the marketplace.

If we find some problems, your product will be temporarily rejected and we will send you an e-mail with details regarding the rejection reason and further instructions.

Here are some examples of possible reasons for rejecting a product: